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I Am A Victim of Bitcoin Fraud or Bitcoin Investment Fraud

Are you investing in Bitcoin? If yes then this article will help you about Bitcoin Investment Fraud. Recently I was approached by a potential client, asking me if I would recommend an insurance policy for his risky investments in the virtual world of currency trading called “Bitcoins”. He wanted me to explain that he had heard about such programs online and was wondering if it would be safe to invest in.

Before I could give him the advice I’d like to discuss why I am not a licensed insurance broker. The reason is simple; not everyone is but the vast majority of brokers in the US today are licensed by the Department of Insurance to do business in the United States. To allow you to explore the world of investing in this virtual world, we have put together an article that will help you understand the policies available to you if you find yourself a victim of Bitcoin or other virtual currency fraud.

Bitcoin Investment Fraud

You will want to investigate any claims of loss or damage carefully and report any issues immediately to your broker or company handling your policy. But how is possible, simple you can hire private investigator and resolve your all sensitive and creative issues. Not all brokers will go through this process as they can make up fake death reports, delete emails and other evidence which can be very convincing.

You can contact them and make the claims, it does not matter if they deny you the claim at first. You need proof of loss and damage, they need to prove it beyond reasonable doubt that you were indeed victim of fraudulent activity. If you can provide this then you have a chance at recovering some or all of the investment you have lost.

Bitcoin Investment Fraud

Many of these policies have a few stipulations attached to them. For instance, you may find that some will cover you for up to two years. While others can cover you for ten years. These policies should be examined closely to make sure that they meet your needs. There are some that offer lifetime protection.

As stated above, if you are an average Joe who has never heard of bitcoins before you probably will not want to invest in any policies. This will leave you exposed as an investment fraud victim. You are not going to be able to get much out of the loss. The best thing to do is to contact your insurance company and request that they pay for the loss.

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How to Report That You Are a Victim of Bitcoin Investment Fraud?

If you have family members who are bitcoins victims then you may be able to get a policy with family benefits attached to it. This is often available as a rider to a home insurance policy. Just remember that this is a hard sell and will likely be denied.

Bitcoin Investment Fraud

Another important step to take when you are victim of this type of investment fraud is to report the crime to the authorities. You can do this directly to the police or via the website. Remember that once you report the crime to the authorities will investigate it. This could take months to reach results.

It is better to be safe than sorry especially if you are already receiving threatening calls or mailers. The main goal of those who wish to steal from other victims is to get the most money possible. They usually target newbies who have just made a lot of money using the internet. Make sure to never keep any money on your computer that can be accessed by anyone. This means that you should never give your passwords or logins to anyone. Use safes or offline boxes for your sensitive information.

Bitcoin Investment Fraud

One final thing that you can do if you think that you are a victim of this type of crime is to file a police report. The first thing that the authorities will do is to investigate your site. The faster they determine what happened, the faster they can make sure that the right charges are filed against the criminals.

Also, related your all cell phone related issues, you can hire a phone hacker. Make sure that you report all the activities related to this theft. It does not matter whether it is small or big, but if you know about it you can help yourself faster and make sure that the right action is taken.

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